Training for a 5k

Spring is here and the warm weather is following.  For some runners that means that they are bumping up their mileage to train for an upcoming 20k, ½ marathon, or even a spring marathon.  For others the idea of even running around the block is hard to imagine.  There are a few programs out there that give hope to those starting from scratch when it comes to running.

I recommend checking out the Couch to 5k training plan.  This program will guide you to a 5k goal in 9 weeks.  The process starts out with mainly walking with running short intervals between walking intervals.  Check out the program and consider it as an option to get you out the door and to the starting line in just a few months.

If you a have a running base from the past few months or are looking for a 5k to walk in the next few months, I would like to plug ChildServe’s Run, Walk, & Fun 4 the Kids coming up on May 14th, in Johnston, Iowa.  This is a great event that focuses on supporting an organization that provides services for children with special health care needs.  My wife and I utilize some of ChildServe’s services for our daughter Kate.

Hope you are encouraged to take the first step towards a 5k goal.  Then don’t just stop there, use a challenge like this to help you commit to increased activity for years to come.

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